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The sight of logos and pictograms has become ingrained in our daily lives. We consume a concentrated amount of visual signals on the street, in our personal lives, even through a mobile interface, without being particularly aware of this. Graphic works of various shapes, sizes, and qualities that disappear from our sight seconds after they appear.

For the second time, the main organizers of Ampersand are making a successful attempt to go beyond the superficiality of everyday observation and to provide online, physical, and mental space for the quality work of both domestic and international graphic designers. It would be difficult to point out a logo without any prior knowledge and establish that its creator is operating on this or another continent. Ampersand is an intention to connect and introduce domestic trends and international currents, which provides an opportunity to present itself competitively. 

In addition to the genre framework, the binder of the selection from the numerous applicants lies in the uniformity of the technical implementation. The use of various graphic programs has become a popular tool for creative activity across borders. It is a multi-colored spectacle that in some places, breaks the world of black and white geometric forms which consists of the works of Hungarian, American, or even Russian graphic designers.  Although this year’s exhibition was intended to line up the best of the logo and pictograms, the theme of last year’s ampersand sign winks back in some of the works (After all, what could be more exciting than shaping the diverse range of meanings of “&” ?).

Belarus  Bosnia  Brazil  Canada  Cuba  Germany  Greece  Hungary India  Iran  Japan  Kazakhstan  Lebanon  Philipppines  Poland Romania  Russia  Serbia  Taiwan  Tanzania  Turkey  Ukraine United States   Vietnam

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